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ValueMomentum Inc.

ValueMomentum’s team of industry experts successfully leads enterprise-wide digital and cloud integration initiatives by advising business leaders on API strategy. They provide 100% MuleSoft-certified resources and deliver development, testing, and maintenance services as needed via onshore and offshore methods. The team’s experience with MuleSoft’s incomparable platform and integration tools, along with their industry-specific knowledge, allows them to create assets and frameworks that help companies quickly implement and operationalize their API strategy.

With an established Center of Enablement and proprietary Anypoint Platform connectors to the certain core and ancillary systems in the insurance, banking, and health industries, ValueMomentum is well-positioned to help enterprises modernize their API environment to create new streams of revenue in the API-driven economy.

Company overview

ValueMomentum, Inc. is an IT services company that helps enterprises unlock value from their technology investments to drive greater agility and efficiency to their digital initiatives. They provide the industry expertise, technical knowledge, skilled talent, and API best practices to enable companies to connect their networks and build the ecosystems they need to realize digitally-driven revenue goals.

ValueMomentum focuses on driving success to their clients’ API projects by being a trusted partner. They provide customized services in the areas of integration strategy, design, implementation, and support.


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