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UST Global

UST Global and MuleSoft have signed a global partnership contract with a joint go-to-market strategy to solve all system integration issues with new and existing clients. We help customers create the virtuous effect between providers and consumers creating new value as they interact through an ecosystem of APIs.

MuleSoft serves as a single registry for discovery of our assets, a single place to push new compositions, and a single place to get the business analytics. As for the APIs themselves, MuleSoft can be the gateway for UST’s “backend as a service” or simply a façade/proxy for APIs that are hosted elsewhere including external ecosystems.

Company overview

UST Global is a fast-growing company that provides advanced computing and digital innovation solutions to large private and public enterprises around the world. Our next-generation digital consultancy Transforms Lives through innovative technology solutions and pioneering social programs. We are committed to be “Everything Innovation” partner for our clients through cutting-edge and consumer-focused innovative solutions. These real-world solutions are designed, developed and deployed to exceed expectations of the world’s most forward-thinking Fortune 500 organizations, enabling transformation of their businesses and the lives of their customers.


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