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Thru, Inc.

The Thru MFT (Managed File Transfer) connector connects MuleSoft platform with Thru OptiPaaS managed file transfer platform. Developers needing to add file exchange for any number of business partners can use a single Thru MFT connector within their application. Partners manage their own endpoints to join the business process made available by the enterprise. The result is minimal development with fast time to market.

Thru OptiPaaS provides centralized visibility into all Mule Flows with file exchange. Real-time, end-to-end processing dashboards enable both the enterprise and the partners to monitor and control their file exchanges. Thru MFTaaS platform ensures secure and reliable file exchange. 

Company overview

Thru delivers enterprise Managed File Transfer that supports global file sharing and collaboration. Handling billions of transactions across multiple industries, Thru improves content collaboration and B2B file exchange business processes.




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