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Thread Solutions

Thread Solutions transforms its customers’ needs into innovative business solutions. They are more than just a simple systems integrator company. The team is divided into code-thinkers and creative minds and approaches every project from multiple perspectives, building comprehensive integration solutions using MuleSoft and developing tailored solutions to fit our customer’s business goals. These integrations are then checked for usability, as UI and UX take a significant part in the effectiveness of these solutions.

Thread Solutions transforms business processes by building apps and solutions that completely reinvent existing processes. Their purpose is to connect applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with an API-led approach. They develop systems and process data, anticipating the fast-changing nowadays technological world. In addition, they help companies to minimize their costs and risks, while maximizing the business’s efficiency and value.

Company overview

Thread Solutions is based in Trento, Italy in both the Italian and international markets serving clients in the private and public sector, serving big to medium-sized companies. Thread Solutions is an official partner of MuleSoft since 2012 and has been using it in order to create exceptional business agility solutions for companies. In 2019, together with MuleSoft, they organized the first Italian meetup in Italy.


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