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Tenzing is a name with a strong link to one of New Zealand's finest moments in history - Sir Edmund's famous feat on Mt Everest in 1953, where he was most ably assisted by the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. As Tenzing did, we work collaboratively with our clients to understand their challenges, and assist in achieving their aspirations. As part of this ethos of serving our clients, we remain committed to delivering high-quality professional services. 

Tenzing is a leading Management and Technology consulting company providing a broad range of services and solutions to the New Zealand market. With an ever more technologically advanced world where customers are increasingly demanding, Tenzing recognises that technology plays an instrumental part in many organization's ability to meet their customers' expectations. To this end, Tenzing provides our clients with a range of technology services – from the big picture technology planning to design, build and deployment of the systems.

  • Technology Services - including enterprise and solution architecture services, the development of IT strategies supporting business transformation, integration services, runaway project recovery services, technology programme and project management.
  • Management Consulting - from strategy formulation to implementation, we drive a range of outcomes including redefinition of business models and competitive positioning, efficient and effective operations to unlock competitive advantage and optimal alignment of people, process and technology capability to support strategy.
  • Enterprise Information Management - including information strategy and architecture, content management (unstructured, semi-structured), data management (structured), data warehouse, business intelligence, data science, advanced analytics and enterprise search.
  • Application Services - including SAP and Guidewire implementation services and strategic advice on ERP applications.
  • Managed Services - including the support of solutions, technologies and applications we build through to the management and administration of specialised technology components.


  • Architecture and strategy
  • Development
  • Integration

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