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Spaulding Ridge

MuleSoft and Salesforce are critical platforms that help our clients grow and scale at speeds they expect without incurring substantial amounts of technical debt along the way. Our foundational approach focuses on creating a centralized application network, which requires proper design, planning, and implementation in numerous areas throughout the API lifecycle. 

While there is great preference on building synergies and deploying centralized API networks, it’s also understood that not all clients have the need for such complexity. In those cases, starting smaller and deploying a limited number of MVP style solutions builds trust and value in the future platform. Spaulding Ridge has found this approach to be wildly successful in solving smaller scale integration challenges.

Spaulding Ridge not only possess depth in a wide array of industries, but also has expert knowledge of Anypoint Platform and understands how API-led processes specifically contribute to your core business. This cross-section of business process and technical knowledge provides our clients with the guidance they need as their organization plans and executes integration strategies between across on-premise and cloud applications.


Company overview

Founded in February 2018, Spaulding Ridge has deep roots in the technology and business process consulting space with a focus on offering our clients best-in-class cloud solutions. The team of over 100 professionals has extensive experience working with global organizations to enhance and streamline their financial and operational IT systems. Though the company is young, the collective team of MuleSoft, Salesforce, Integration, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Anaplan, OneStream, and NetSuite resources come with a tremendous amount of experience to pair our advisory services with very deep technical expertise. The collective team has been providing implementation solutions for over twenty years. 


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