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S&P Solutions

S&P Solutions is a Mexican company, focused on providing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Cloud, Identity Management / Security and Web Portal Development solutions. The company was founded in 2008, achieving successful penetration in the Mexican market, especially in the SOA and BPM areas, as well as Identity Management and Web Portals.
The origins of S&P Solutions are a mixture of experience integrating applications and processes, as well as SOA. Its founders and partners are professionals that have been working with these concepts throughout their careers, from just before 2000. All of this through the use of technologies from different manufacturers: Oracle, HP, and SUN (when it was not owned by Oracle yet).
Its strength lies in the deployment of an end to end SOA initiative. Starting from a methodological frame, and getting to implement transactional system frameworks through the concept of Service. 
This has led S&P Solutions to have a good customer base and recognition in the Mexican market, as well as in some other Latin American countries, and at a Global level thanks to the prize received in 2013 (detailed further below). Some of these cases are described later on in this document.
Currently, S&P Solutions seeks to strengthen and expand its portfolio of services through the use of new technologies and platforms. This, derived from what happens in the overall market through the start of platforms based on what it is now known as Cloud Computing.
Likewise, by the recognition of exposure of APIs that companies are tending to generate, as well as the need to integrate on-premise applications with Cloud-based applications. 
All of this has led S&P Solutions to find alternatives for its commercial and services offer, starting from 2012 with an initiative for Cloud, which is oriented to the delivery of courses and workshops of Fundamentals, Architecture, Governance, and Security, especially on the Cloud. This, through the exclusive partnership for Mexico with Arcitura (
S&P Solutions is a MuleSoft Partner since 2014 with exceptionally deep expertise in Mule ESB. We specialise in providing assistance to MuleSoft and Mule customers through consulting, project development and support. consulting, architecture, development, training and application management from our offices in México City.
S&P Solutions has also acquired partnership with Volante Technologies ( as they are key on the Financial integration and information exchange scenarios (SWIFT, FIX, etc.), which is a very important complement in a Service Bus implementation that would require to transmit and receive large amounts of information from financial institutions, and process these messages in extremely short periods of time.
As an Oracle partner, S&P Solutions has achieved SOA and BPM specialization and certification, and soon to be achieved are Identity Management and Webcenter (Portals). This makes S&P Solutions a very complete and competitive partner in the Mexican market, and in the Latin American market in general, thus having important clients a diverse range of industry verticals mainly finance, media, insurance, telecom, and retail.