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Sofigate helps customers to maximize their business value using the world’s leading business platforms. Sofigate's certified experts have the proven experience working with both Salesforce and MuleSoft ecosystems.

Sofigate delivers innovative business solutions that enable customers to digitalize and automate their processes and to carry out complete business transformations. Sofigate holds deep understanding and experience in designing, building and running efficient Marketing Automation, Sales & CPQ and Customer Service business processes in the Salesforce platform. In addition, Sofigate has tangible expertise to interconnect business automation (such as integrations, APIs and RPA) with real-life business processes by leveraging MuleSoft capabilities.

Sofigate supports customers in their efforts to transform and to run the transformed business operations. Sofigate is the trusted systems integrator in the Nordics to execute significant business transformation initiatives successfully for Salesforce and MuleSoft customers.

Company overview

Founded in 2003, Sofigate is the leader of IT Management in the Nordics and pioneer of Business Technology management in Northern Europe. Sofigate’s 650+ experts help their customers to succeed in leading digitalization. They do it by providing expertise in strategy transformations, technology solutions and management power.

In the digitalized fast-paced world, openness and sharing is the way to go forward. This is why Sofigate has founded the Business Technology Forum, which develops an open source framework called Business Technology Standard together with their clients.


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