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Salt Security

Simplify API security with Salt integration

Accelerate your application innovation using prebuilt connectors that combine MuleSoft’s API integration and management with best-in-class API security from Salt Security. Learn more.


Get a complete inventory of all your APIs

The Salt platform automatically inventories all your APIs, including shadow and zombie APIs, across your MuleSoft deployment and all your application environments. 

Identify exposed sensitive data

Salt highlights which APIs expose sensitive data and automatically classifies that data so you get an at-a-glance view of any compliance risk.

Stop attackers in their tracks

Salt Security’s patented AI technology baselines legitimate behavior and identifies attackers in real-time, during reconnaissance, and taps MuleSoft to prevent them from advancing. 

Continuously strengthen your API security

The Salt platform identifies vulnerabilities in your APIs even before they’re registered in your MuleSoft environment, providing remediation insights for dev teams to apply.


Companies can leverage Salt insights to improve API security posture, sending its actionable remediation guidance to development and integration teams to correct vulnerabilities in MuleSoft mediated and integrated APIs. Joint customers also get granular insights on API consumption and invocation, as the Salt platform automatically generates baselines and highlights abnormalities that arise as a result of one-off API attacks and extended attacker campaigns.

The Salt Security native AnyPoint connector maximizes performance, minimizes consumption, maintains high levels of availability necessary for modern API design, and provides a crucial security context for all APIs. It also makes it easy to supercharge existing MuleSoft security controls such as IP address allow and deny lists, rate limiting, TLS enforcement, and authentication and authorization.


Company overview

Salt Security protects the APIs that form the core of every modern application. Its API Protection Platform is the industry’s first patented solution to prevent the next generation of API attacks, using machine learning and AI to automatically and continuously identify and protect APIs. Deployed in minutes, the Salt Security platform learns the granular behavior of a company’s APIs and requires no configuration or customization to pinpoint and block API attackers. Salt Security was founded in 2016 by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and serial entrepreneur executives in the cybersecurity field. Its backers include Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital.

The pairing of the Salt Security API Protection Platform with the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform provides leading API security and management capabilities, enabling a stronger API security strategy. The joint solutions help organizations discover all their MuleSoft mediated and integrated APIs, including undocumented functionality in those APIs and sensitive data exposures. It also enables companies to detect and stop attackers targeting MuleSoft mediated and integrated APIs early, in reconnaissance phases, to avoid security incidents that can result in brand damage, data exposure, data exfiltration, or regulatory penalties.


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