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Data silos can prevent lenders from gaining valuable insights about their customers, or cause roadblocks that delay day-to-day operations. Leveraging the Roostify MuleSoft connector, lenders can access data from a variety of sources and transform this data into the appropriate format for Roostify. Access to the Roostify API can turn CRM leads into new Roostify loan objects, prefill loan applications, and trigger a variety of other custom functions.

Because the connector is system agnostic, adding or replacing software becomes a simple process. Instead of integrating each new tool directly to the Roostify API, simply connect to MuleSoft to reach all your connected applications and significantly reduce time to market for new features.

This process also works in reverse, so that Roostify loan data can be transformed and accessed in other connected applications and lines of business. This connectivity allows for rich business insights, data-informed cross-selling opportunities, more complete customer profiles, and advanced workflow orchestration that enhances lender and borrower experience.

Company overview

Founded by consumers looking for a better way to buy a home, Roostify leads the industry in delivering accelerated and transparent online mortgage experiences. From enterprise banks to independent brokerages, dozens of lenders across the United States trust Roostify to speed up closings, reduce unnecessary work, and give their customers a smooth, anxiety-free mortgage experience. Since 2012, Roostify has helped close thousands of home loans nationwide.


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