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RCG Global Services

RCG uses MuleSoft to deliver high performance and scalable integration services for web, mobile, and legacy enterprise applications and platforms. They provide architecture, design, installation, implementation, and support for MuleSoft integration projects and services.

Integration of applications and services is the life blood of digital transformation. RCG Global Services specializes in integrating legacy transactional systems with the latest mobile, web, and cloud based applications and services. Their services include complete product engineering development, testing, and support for all platforms and cloud providers.

Building out a robust API based integration strategy using MuleSoft requires detailed planning for security, identity management, scalability, disaster recovery, and functionality. RCG has built systems from the ground up that routinely handle large volumes of transactions on a daily basis.

Company overview

RCG is focused on delivering measurable business outcomes in three primary areas: customer engagement, workforce enablement, and operations optimization. They achieve these outcomes through digital Strategy, product engineering, and application sustainment and management. They excel at solving tough technical challenges.


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