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Premios Group

Premios offers services in 3 key areas: software measurement, software development and consulting. Premios’s software measurement practices in process measurement and improvement managed services have been a bedrock of Premios’s services for more than 23 years. Premios’s software measurement managed services offerings include software sizing, estimation, vendor management and procurement.

Premios offers world-class software development services for organizations that use software as a key part of their competitive advantage. Services include application integration, development and architecture assessments geared for digital transformation.

Premios offers consulting on measuring and maximizing the business value of software including architecture assessments geared for digital transformation, M&A software due diligence and Agile Team Jumpstart. People are critical to software development and the Premios consulting team helps clients implement team best practices including leadership training. Training includes leadership performance, TMMi Professional Qualifications classes and AgilityHealth Radar Team Assessments.

Company overview

Premios is a global provider of high-value software development services and works with enterprise-level clients looking to gain competitive value by maximizing software investments in purchasing, development and managing software.