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PlektonLabs specializes in MuleSoft technologies, offering innovative solutions on enterprise integration and API-led development. It acts as a catalyst between businesses and MuleSoft technologies, allowing them to get the most out of the platform and utilize it for tangible results.

PlektonLabs has both the experience and tools to provide their clients with solutions needed to construct digital ecosystems with a cohesive integration of enterprise applications. By working closely with MuleSoft, they have designed and implemented API-led connectivity models in many mission-critical use cases across different business domains and helped businesses achieve agility and reusability. PlektonLabs enables enterprises to grasp the future with high-quality, holistic solutions.

Some of their services include:

  • Carrying out API-led enterprise services
  • Managing API lifecycles, applications, and tools
  • Boosting development through readymade templates and solutions
  • Establishing Center for Enablement (C4E)
  • Managing and maintaining any ongoing MuleSoft applications network
  • Strategizing to achieve reusability and scalability

Company overview

PlektonLabs is a consulting company that provides integration solutions focusing on MuleSoft technologies and API strategies. PlektonLabs has enabled numerous businesses to overcome digital stagnation, improve operational outcomes, and speed up digital transformation. Offering customized solutions for businesses, PlektonLabs utilizes cutting-edge technology for a data-driven future.


Financial services
Media and telecom