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OZ helps design digital experiences by leveraging design thinking and an agile approach, while using the latest digital building blocks:

- Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA)

- Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- Internet of Things (IoT)

- Digital Innovation Lab and Ideation (DigiLab)

Combined with a unique and trend-setting, customer experience lens, OZ is building the digital solutions of the future with clients who are re-imagining their industries. 

The alliance between OZ and MuleSoft has brought countless customer's IT environments into a more scalable, future-ready and customer-centric landscape. OZ's services, coupled with the power of MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform, allows you to integrate, transform, and provide access to all your data assets in real-time.

OZ also enables enterprise agreement around practices, governance processes, techniques, and tools to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, and semantic consistency of all data assets. This creates a more efficient operational environment, while allowing for a frictionless employee and customer experience. 

OZ's MuleSoft projects have addressed various challenges, including; 

  • High volume and heterogenous data, such as millions of records coming from tens of systems with different implementations and formats
  • Fault tolerance, in which the process can start where it stopped instead of starting from scratch
  • Data quality, data standardization, data augmentation

Company overview

OZ is a global consulting, services, and solutions leader specializing in creating magical customer experience for our clients using disruptive digital technologies and innovation. 


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