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Optare Solutions

Optare Solutions helps teams deploy MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform as the core solution to enable legacy or monolithic systems to migrate towards distributed architectures. This allows them to streamline operations processes and reduce time-to-market and OPEX costs. Using microservices and MuleSoft API-led connectivity, together with Optare's experience in processes digitalization, they help their clients with the digital transition of their operation and business processes.

20 years of expertise on processes management and services operation platforms on the telecoms market, together with MuleSoft's leading Technologies, gives Optare Solutions the knowledge and assets needed to develop vertical solutions that combine technical capabilities with a strong processes knowledge.

Company overview

Optare Solutions is an IT services consulting company specializing in Operation Systems Support (OSS) and digital transformation for telecoms and other large Industries. With more than 20 years of expertise working in projects worldwide, Optare Solutions become a trustable partner for key transformation projects.

Their areas of expertise include complex processes orchestration, provisioning, OSS/BSS systems Integration, third-party resources management, zero touch automation, network services management, and activation.


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