Okta provides easy, centralized, identity-driven access management for any Mulesoft API, 100% as a service. Simply and easily extend APIs to partners and customers through the Okta Identity Cloud.


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About Okta API Access Management

Okta API Access Management secures the connections between applications, services, and APIs. Access is managed based on the user, making it easy to centrally maintain one identity and one set of permissions for any employee, customer, or partner across every point of access, regardless of location or device type.

Okta and MuleSoft have worked in concert to create a proven, out of the box integration to provide enterprises with a complete foundation for agile innovation, and a comprehensive solution for API security.


Okta is the leading provider of identity and mobility management solutions for the cloud and mobile enterprise. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows people to access applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security policies. It integrates directly with an organization’s existing directories and identity systems, as well as 4,000+ applications. Because Okta runs on an integrated platform, organizations can implement the service quickly at large scale and low total cost.

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Countries Global
Type Technology
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
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