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Norima Consulting Inc.

Norima Consulting Inc. provides the services of well-educated, highly trained, and experienced professionals who share a passion for solving complex business problems with technology-based solutions, in a myriad of industries including Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare.

Their team of experienced consultants offer expertise in a variety of service areas including management consulting, business analysis, project management, service management, system development & integration, software testing, and strategic resourcing.

Norima also operates as an innovation accelerator to corporate clients. Their highly skilled technical team works to advance and fast-track their clients’ innovation initiatives by supporting the goals of the client.

Company overview

Norima's team are passionate about working with organizations that leverage technology to innovate and grow. Norima's partnership with MuleSoft gives customers the unparalleled combination of Norima's enterprise integration expertise and MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform to securely leverage data assets and build an application network with API-led connectivity, building the agility and speed to drive the next level of growth.


Financial services