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NJC Labs

NJC Labs has a comprehensive MuleSoft services portfolio that covers everything that a MuleSoft integration project needs: Consulting, implementation, managed services, support, training, project audits, security, and architecture review.

They are also a MuleSoft training partner, delivering developer and architectural training for MuleSoft customers and partners. The training is provided by an experienced team of MuleSoft certified trainers who are senior integration architects and senior integration developers.

Besides training, NJC Labs engages with customers to achieve their organizational initiatives through the application of high-quality, innovative, cost-effective consulting and solutions. NJC Labs' experience extends across enterprise system integration; SaaS and cloud integration; application networks; API-led connectivity; and machine learning systems design, development, testing training, and support.

NJC Labs' services include cloud and on-prem integration; MuleSoft consulting; accelerator program for digital transformation; managed services; big data solutions; data analytics; and machine learning systems.

MuleSoft Strategy and Consulting

NJC Labs can analyze the existing application landscape of your organization's state of integration and provide a MuleSoft implementation blueprint. They also provide recommendations at any stage of the MuleSoft integration journey and can advise on project bottlenecks. NJC Labs has MuleSoft certified experts who drive the implementation blueprint using custom accelerators and best-in-class MuleSoft implementation practices.

MuleSoft Migrations

NJC Labs provides reliable and secured migration from MuleSoft Version 3.x to 4.x using the MuleSoft migration tool, automated test framework, and overall migration readiness.

Near to Customer Delivery Approach

They source from their global talent pool to build a project team with the right skills you need.

Application Support

NJC Lab provides an ITIL compliant support model that ensures your IT team and users are always supported.

MuleSoft Training

They work with MuleSoft to provide training for integration architects and integration developers.

MuleSoft Reseller

NJC Labs' has deep expertise in MuleSoft's integration platform and is a value-added reseller for their clients.

Managed Services

They offer a flexible engagement model that comes in various shapes and forms. They can engage with you for a specific MuleSoft project or as an ongoing, managed service provider.

Partner Enablement

They work with the MuleSoft partner ecosystem on end-to-end client engagements from pre-sales to project delivery and post-production support.

Company overview

NJC Labs is a leading technology consulting and training company that specializes in integration architecture and solutions consulting with MuleSoft and Salesforce. Their expertise is in understanding the long term strategic integration and digital transformation goals of the business. NJC Labs helps improve the connectivity of enterprise systems and enables customers to truly unlock the value in data and attain seamless connectivity at scale.


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