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NAVOMI focuses on cost, collaboration, continuity, and compliance to help clients achieve goals of delivering efficiency and effectiveness gains across their enterprise. This approach, along with NAVOMI’s own application accelerators, helps organizations deliver results and go to market faster. They help organizations improve business processes by implementing and customizing platforms that allow them to scale and grow quickly with cloud applications.

Organizations must now use various technologies and integrate their underlying data to improve internal processes and bridge the gap between the digital and the physical. For many IT teams, however, there are three main challenges that they face when it comes to data interoperability:

  1. Inability to deliver projects at the speed demanded by the business.
  2. The IT landscape is not built for a connected customer experience.
  3. Lack of a reliable strategy to grow revenue.

Unfortunately, point-to-point integration is a traditional approach that hampers success. Many organizations recognize the pitfalls of point-to-point integration and are now turning to a new integration approach based on leveraging APIs: API-led connectivity.

API-led connectivity is an integrated approach that allows companies engaged to unlock data, services, and other assets and surface them onto a platform for broader consumption by the business. Using API-led connectivity, IT teams can shorten the lengthy development process with reusable APIs. As a result, they have more time to innovate on their strategy. With API-led connectivity, every API continues to create value for future business requirements.

NAVOMI’s data approach and architecture understanding are purpose-built to enable API-led connectivity. It accelerates integration processes, encourages reusability, exposes relevant assets across the business, and ensures ongoing reliability and performance of technologies and infrastructure.

Company overview

NAVOMI helps clients identify, architect, implement, and manage the digital transformation of their cloud infrastructure through innovative, differentiating, and economies of scale. They provide turn-key implementations, as a direct result of end-to-end 'Big Data' interoperability projects, bridging business gaps, and delivering on significant financial metric gains. Their thought leadership compels clients to strive towards a continuous improvement and growth model, yielding benefits aligned with their goals and objectives.

NAVOMI will take business silos and turn them into effective and efficient systems of record by removing the error-prone human touchpoints and creating a 'Connected' internal and external customer base. They take complex business problems and convert them into revenue generation, savings, and overall better P&L positioning.


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