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MT AG has been a MuleSoft partner since 2016 and has been working on MuleSoft projects for customers ever since. As a full-stack partner, we are not only able to implement or coach projects for our clients, but we also offer a managed service for operating the platform in your data center or in the cloud. Furthermore, we may also sell subscription rights to use MuleSoft products.

Company overview

We support our clients with the technical challenges posed by digital transformation, always with the goal of increasing adaptability so that our clients are more innovative and competitive in their business. We offer applications, analytics, and services all from the same source. That means we help our clients with the architecture of modern IT landscapes, the concrete development of individual software solutions. and even with operations and monitoring. What’s more, our modern BI and analytics methods capture the value of existing data thanks to intelligent usage. It is always our goal to guarantee agility, rapidity, and scalability. We go about doing this with future-proof architectures, agile, highly automated methods, and innovative technologies. Simultaneously, we are constantly expanding our expertise in well-known technologies and developing our network of partners so that our services meet the highest standards of quality and science.

MT AG was established in 1994 and has approximately 220 employees. Alongside our head office in Ratingen, we also have offices in Frankfurt and Cologne.


Financial services
Media and telecom