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Magnet 360

When committing to Magnet360’s Salesforce implementation, it is a smart investment of time, financial and human resources to make a digital transformation. But is this investment being fully maximized? Unless Salesforce is efficiently integrated across the entire enterprise, the answer is no. This is where Magnet360’s MuleSoft expertise comes in. With MuleSoft, companies can seamlessly integrate their enterprise processes, systems, and applications to work in harmony with each other. Magnet360 uses MuleSoft because it is a single-decision, scalable solution for the enterprise integration challenge. Magnet360 can help companies start realizing the full potential of a Salesforce investment by integrating with on-premises and cloud platforms using MuleSoft. 

Company overview

As a cutting-edge Salesforce partner since 2004, Magnet360 taps into the transformational potential of Salesforce to change the way business is done. They dedicate themselves to understanding a business first, applying exceptional know-how to create a solution that fits specific needs and delivers tangible results. As part of the Mindtree Salesforce Practice, Magnet360 has access to a wealth of technological resources to push the platform even further—ensuring the most from one’s investment. 


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