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Logesys Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., was started in the year 2005 in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. Logesys was started by a group of techno-functional professionals to build affordable, customized software, especially for the supply chain domain. During the initial years, Logesys was able to build and deliver highly complex business applications for this industry, which improved customer experience, process efficiency, and reduced business risk significantly. This we would like to call it as ‘Logesys Stage 1’, where the primary focus was for application development and maintenance.

Being a small company and with a young energetic workforce and management team, Logesys after the first round of success, was all set to propel itself into the stage II of its development, where the focus was set on Data.  With concepts like Internet of Things, mobile and smartphone penetration, social media taking over every aspect of our lives, data growth is on an explosive trajectory. We as a company felt that this could be the next big wave of IT, just as it was when Y2K problem was identified, followed by web-based applications, which dominated early years of this millennium.

Logesys today has re-invented itself as a Data Management Expert, focusing on the three stages of data, which we call it “the Data Lifecycle”. Data collection from distributed generation points, data assimilation in a structured form, data analysis, and action. Logesys has built this expertise by partnering with the leaders in the Gartner quadrant for data integration, data storage, and analytics. This would ensure a world-class solution is delivered for its customers using stable, time-tested and globally approved platforms/tools. 

Logesys never has considered itself to be an IT company, but rather a business solutions company, where IT was a crucial enabler to meet business objectives. In stage II of our development phase, we have expanded our business expertise to cover some of the leading drivers of any economy like Retail, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance and of course Supply Chain management. 

For each of the above industries, Logesys has a strong team of functional experts who have worked in these industries on the functional side for an average of 10 years, who bring to the table a wealth of industry knowledge in terms of best practices, ground realities, and operational nuances. This helps us to deliver a pragmatic IT solution which enables the business to reach their objective within a given budget and time.  For us, this amalgamation of industry and IT expertise helps us to deliver business solutions that meet our motto of “Enabling Growth” to our customers, employees, and society at large.

Our offerings on MuleSoft are for the extraction part of the data management service across five industries namely, retail, manufacturing, logistics & transportation, energy & utilities, and insurance. Apart from this, we also provide integration services for above industry segments and bPaaS (business process as a service) for our customers in supply chain space.