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Liberty IT Solutions

Today, Liberty works closely with MuleSoft to design solutions that are at the center of transformation for large segments of Federal healthcare infrastructure. Based on our outside-in, API-First Philosophy, Liberty is currently delivering a strategic API Gateway; creating APIs that are managed as products to be consumed by developers within and outside of an organization. Our focus is to provide a primary pathway for interoperability between internal and external systems by decoupling them and allowing organizations to leverage investments in various digital assets and to replace homegrown, legacy systems with innovative commercial solutions.

Company overview

Specializing in federal technology services, Liberty IT Solutions, LLC (Liberty) is a mission-centric Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that supports multiple government agencies across a diverse portfolio of Health IT projects. Liberty believes that modernization requires a new approach built on a deep understanding of what people need, outside thinking to devise unique solutions, and intelligent application of new technology.




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