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Jasmine Conseil

Jasmine Conseil has been a partner of the API and MuleSoft integration solution for almost 7 years. Along with a team of expert consultants, they also bring an expertise and passion in the "API-fication" and digitization of systems and the machining and deployment of the software supply chain.

They help customers handle their applications in the Anypoint ecosystem, whether in an on-premise or on-cloud type solution. They provide support and consulting for MuleSoft projects thanks to our certified architects and in the establishment of a Center Of Enablement or C4E as well as in the migration process to the MuleSoft 4 platform.

Thanks to their partnership with recognized publishers such as Sonatype©, they also integrate the Anypoint ecosystem into harmonious Devops pipelines which facilitate API monitoring and the integration of client applications based on the Anypoint Platform.

Company overview

Jasmine Conseil supports its clients in monitoring the lifecycle of their applications from design to IS integration with Bus and API Management solutions. This includes the deployment and DevOps machining of supply chain components


Media and telecom

Certified delivery resource

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