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IntegrationWorks makes it easy to both architect and implement MuleSoft solutions, modernizing legacy applications and integrating on-premise and hybrid environments, and works with MuleSoft customers to improve data flow, reliability, and accessibility of legacy apps via modern APIs.

By using MuleSoft to access both legacy and modern applications, IntegrationWorks can integrate applications and infrastructure across enterprises.

The net result is simplified connectivity of all data, reduction of data silos, and reliable data sources that can be used for collaboration or monetization.

Company overview

IntegrationWorks helps clients use and share data more effectively. As a recognized global leader in integration, they create bespoke and custom integration solutions for government departments, state-owned enterprises, and large organizations worldwide.

They are different by design. They employ the best in integration architectural experts and DevOps teams who believe connected technology is fundamental to high-performing organizations. Paired with their range of world-class integration platform partners, their experts work closely with clients to align emerging technologies with reliable and proven best practices, creating solutions tailored to their business and integration needs.


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