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MuleSoft makes it easy to connect data from any system to create connected experiences faster. However, the vast majority of information that organizations need to power processes, service customers, and drive business outcomes lives trapped in unstructured formats, including PDFs, documents, and images. Using MuleSoft and the Hyperscience Platform together, customers can efficiently connect the extracted data from their documents to various downstream systems to unlock and leverage the full potential of their data and applications.

With the Hyperscience intelligent automation platform, clients set their target level of accuracy (typically over 99% based on internal SLAs or other compliance requirements), and our machine automates against that using our proprietary ML. Hyperscience reads outside the box to handle messy handwritten forms, low-resolution images, and other document distortions with ease, delivering best-in-class intelligent data extraction.

Hyperscience's proprietary Machine Learning approach improves throughput without sacrificing accuracy. We're exceptionally good at knowing when to bring in humans to review and resolve edge cases, which helps fine tune the underlying models. Hyperscience continues to learn, lowering error rates and increasing automation over time.

The Hyperscience platform was designed to be used by business users with no technical experience required. Hyperscience's fast time-to-value is influenced by the short time it takes to deploy the system and integrate it within an organization's environment.

Company overview

Hyperscience is transforming the future of work to elevate human potential. Hyperscience's human-centered approach to automation enables a new era of human and machine collaboration that dramatically improves organizational agility without the legacy cost and burden of change management. The Hyperscience Platform turns complex processes into simple, configurable workflows by combining data, people, and processes. The Hyperscience industry-leading machine learning technology continuously learns and evolves to involve humans only when needed.


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