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Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Hexaware’s API & Integration practice provides comprehensive solutions and services that help enterprises build a robust digital ecosystem with seamless integration of various enterprise applications. Hexaware offers a complete solution covering all aspects of integration including:

  • API Enablement and Management
  • Microservices enablement
  • SOA and ESB implementations
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid integrations

Our Differentiators

  • Industry Driven Reference Model – Hexaware uses industry based reference architecture, component, message & service model and pattern catalog as start-up enablers for any integration program. This helps mapping customer landscape and achieve standardization.
  • Integrated Governance – Hexaware sets up the integration platform governance framework as part of its engagement, aligning with enterprise IT Governance standards. This enables services to be measured, monitored, life-cycle managed, audited and operationalized within enterprise.
  • Accelerators – Hexaware brings along a set of framework & tools for integration development to address some of the development phase challenges like complex build & deployment process, message validation & transformation etc.
  • Integrated Security – Hexaware does security assessment & architecture specific to interface & messages to create a robust secured platform. Both design & build phases has security focused reviews & checkpoints including vulnerability assessment & penetration testing at interface/service, messages.
  • Experience in Complex Enterprise Wide Integration – Hexaware has done multiple large integration projects having more than 200+ services, throughput of ~50tps, 150MB of payload size and 24X7 operations.
  • End-to-End Ownership including Enabling Legacy System for Integration – Hexaware not only delivers integration platform but also enables legacy application with wrappers & custom connectors for integration.

Company overview

Hexaware is a leading global provider of IT, BPS and consulting services with revenue of over USD 485.5 million and 11,800+ employees. The Company focuses on key domains such as Banking & Financial Services; Healthcare & Insurance; Travel, Transportation & Hospitality; Manufacturing and Consumer. Our business philosophy, “Your Success is Our Focus”, is demonstrated through the success we ensure for our clients.


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