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Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Hexaware’s API & Integration practice provides comprehensive solutions and services that help enterprises build a robust digital ecosystem with seamless integration of various enterprise applications. Hexaware offers a complete solution covering all aspects of integration including:

  • API Enablement and Management
  • Microservices enablement
  • SOA and ESB implementations
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid integrations

Our Differentiators

  • Industry Driven Reference Model – Hexaware uses industry based reference architecture, component, message & service model and pattern catalog as start-up enablers for any integration program. This helps mapping customer landscape and achieve standardization.
  • Integrated Governance – Hexaware sets up the integration platform governance framework as part of its engagement, aligning with enterprise IT Governance standards. This enables services to be measured, monitored, life-cycle managed, audited and operationalized within enterprise.
  • Accelerators – Hexaware brings along a set of framework & tools for integration development to address some of the development phase challenges like complex build & deployment process, message validation & transformation etc.
  • Integrated Security – Hexaware does security assessment & architecture specific to interface & messages to create a robust secured platform. Both design & build phases has security focused reviews & checkpoints including vulnerability assessment & penetration testing at interface/service, messages.
  • Experience in Complex Enterprise Wide Integration – Hexaware has done multiple large integration projects having more than 200+ services, throughput of ~50tps, 150MB of payload size and 24X7 operations.
  • End-to-End Ownership including Enabling Legacy System for Integration – Hexaware not only delivers integration platform but also enables legacy application with wrappers & custom connectors for integration.

Company overview

Hexaware is the fastest growing, next-generation provider of IT, BPO, and consulting services with revenue of over 793.3M USD and 20,000 employees worldwide. They take a leadership position in helping clients attain customer intimacy as their competitive advantage. Their digital offerings have helped clients achieve operational excellence and customer delight by ‘Powering Man Machine Collaboration.’ They now seek to transform the experiences of their customer’s customers by leveraging industry-leading delivery and execution model. This model is built around the strategy "Automate Everything, Cloudify Everything, Transform Customer Experiences."

They serve customers in banking, financial services, capital markets, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, education, telecom, hi-tech and professional services, travel, transportation, and logistics. They deliver highly evolved services in rapid application prototyping, development and deployment; build, migrate, and run cloud solutions; automation-based application support; enterprise solutions for digitizing the back office; customer experience transformation; business intelligence and analytics; digital assurance; infrastructure management services; and business process services.


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