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Great Software Laboratory

GS Lab crafts SMART software solutions that solve diverse technology problems for customers across the globe. This strategic partnership helps MuleSoft customers develop custom connectors through GS Lab expertise. 

With strong expertise in application development and a deep understanding of the Anypoint Platform, GS Lab has developed the Docker and Elasticsearch connectors. 

The Docker Connector acts as a bridge between the platform and DevOps function. This Docker connector helps DevOps teams to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale Docker workloads seamlessly. 

The Elasticsearch Connector indexes data from multiple sources and allows different applications to query it to extract data insights. It also provides functionality to create and manage indices.

GS Lab works with customers building innovative products and services, helping them nurture their ideas, staying with them during market validation and scaling them into viable businesses. Their deep and varied technology expertise — complemented by a customer-centric engagement model — helps their customers craft solutions for business and technology. They are a partner to their customers, sharing their customers' vision, while mitigating risks. Their passion for solving complex problems through technology solutions makes them the preferred technology partner for achieving new thresholds of business performance.

Company overview

GS Lab crafts SMART software solutions that solve diverse technology problems for customers across the globe. They provide consulting, product engineering, professional, and managed services across industries. This includes healthcare, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, security, surveillance, and smart cities. Their technology expertise in analytics, IoT, cloud, DevOps, API management, ISG, communications and digitalization makes them an agile and comprehensive technology partner for enterprises, technology companies, and startups.


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