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A MuleSoft partner since 2019, Gimasys has been leveraging their solution ecosystem into the new level. Not do they provide consulting and implementation services, but Gimasys also offers comprehensive integration tool (MS) to finish the whole solution and help them make clients' operation process faster and more secure. With MuleSoft, Gimasys empowers IT and business teams to create seamless digital experiences, products, and services — with the best integration, APIs, and automation.

With package integration from MuleSoft, Gimasys can:

  1. Integrate data from Salesforce platform (through Marketing, Sales, Service modules) by mapping with ERP -or back-end data to build a Customer 360 view, that helps firms gain knowledge about their customers and serves for analytic and strategic activities.
  2. Resolve common pains for lots of big corporations: slow data reports; IT costs for point-to-point integration; security vulnerabilities of legacy systems. With MuleSoft, Gimasys helps clients simplify their integration by assuring high availability and performance with security.

Company overview

Global Integrated Management System Co., Ltd ("Gimasys") was established in March 2004 with the mission of leveraging businesses performance and growth through continuous application of technological innovation. Focusing on service quality and customer-centric culture, Gimasys always makes developing competent professionals in software development, IT solutions development, and management consulting services its first priority.



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