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Fusion Risk Management

Today’s organizations understand they need real-time data to inform more resilient operations, but many are challenged by siloed systems, limited resources and an over-dependence on IT departments. The escalating number of disruptions to daily operations makes it critical that businesses have the ability to identify and respond to those incidents in minutes, not days. Fusion is committed to helping our clients move from reactive to proactive resiliency, delivering their North Star of resilience. With MuleSoft, Fusion can quickly integrate siloed systems to create a complete, real-time view of risk and resiliency, empowering business teams, and giving them the confidence to develop secure integrations and applications that scale as their business grows.

Leveraging MuleSoft and Fusion, companies can quickly connect with the systems and applications risk and resilience teams use every day to break down silos and aggregate data from anywhere in an organization. Together with MuleSoft, Fusion accelerates data-driven approaches to resilience by empowering organizations with complete visibility into risks and disruptions so they can respond before incidents escalate.

Company overview

Fusion's focus is operational resilience – encompassing business continuity, risk management, IT risk, and crisis and incident management. Fusion helps companies anticipate, prepare, respond, and learn in any situation by equipping them with the software solutions they need to be successful. Fusion empowers organizations by allowing them to make data-driven decisions so that leaders can proactively manage what’s to come. And with Vista Equity Partners, Fusion has the resources to continue expanding in all areas of the growing market.




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