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Exprivia S.p.A.

Exprivia Group is an international ICT specialist, which leverages digital technologies to steer change for its customers. Exprivia distinguishes itself for its reliability in managing complex projects through the connection and the integration of vertical and horizontal skills. They also create easy to use and update solutions, as they are based on continuous research and innovation.

Today Exprivia is one of the main players in the digital transformation of businesses, as a result of the wide range of skills and experiences gained in over thirty years of experience in various markets including energy, finance, the public sector, and healthcare. They have expertise in different technologies such as application integration, cloud, big data, IoT, cybersecurity, and ERP.

Through its involvement in several projects with large companies, Exprivia frequently uses the most innovative working methodologies such as agile and DevOps.

Company overview

Exprivia is an international group specializing in Information and Communication Technology. They are able to drive change in their customers' business with digital technologies. Exprivia stands out for its reliability in managing complex projects by connecting and integrating vertical and horizontal competencies, and for its ability to create solutions that are easy to use and manage.



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