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Entiis Pte Ltd

Entiis works with clients by providing leading software solutions and consulting and implementation services. Their solutions include a wide range of software tools to manage large and complex IT infrastructure. Their solutions improve integration capabilities, business response time through automation, and machine learning capabilities. These solutions extend over the entire IT landscape, whether the infrastructure is on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. One key value-add Entiis brings to the table is their ability to customize solutions to cater to each customers’ unique requirements and processes.

Entiis has many years of experience designing and implementing API management solutions in large and complex environments and addressing integration challenges across all platforms and applications. Entiis consultants are trained and certified by MuleSoft as developers and architects to consult, implement, and support customers who have invested in MuleSoft.

Entiis's in-house development and integration capabilities help address the specific needs of each customer. To this end, Entiis has a team of in-housed experienced developers who augment and enhance out-of-the-box solutions using APIs, web services, development tools provided by the solutions, and 3rd party open source components.

Additionally, Entiis also provides post-implementation support as well as other health check services to ensure that deployed solutions are well-tuned, optimized, kept up-to-date, and secured with the latest solution patches and enhancements.

Company overview

Entiis Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company with offices in Malaysia and Thailand focusing on IT digital infrastructure management and digital security cyber management. Established in 2008, they partner with many global, leading software solutions to address the complex challenges that customers face in their digital transformation journeys. Entiis works with their customers, many of which are top regional and global companies across all industries, to help them deliver successful business outcomes and to achieve their project KPIs.

Entiis also has a strong presence in public sector projects both through direct engagement and joint projects with other systems integrators. Entiis has a total of 35 staff, the majority of whom are technical project managers, solution architects, consultants, and software engineers.


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