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eimagine can help teams incorporate MuleSoft as a way to simplify their tasks. When data and system architecture are very complex with many tools and systems at play, we can help provide them with a MuleSoft solution that allows a single point for comprehensive access. This allows users to pull together all the pieces necessary to accomplish their tasks in a single view, saving a great deal of employee time and reducing errors and duplication of effort.

eimagine has helped clients use MuleSoft as a mechanism to bring in supplemental details for business teams that could track not only their desired touch points, but also data from third-party systems. MuleSoft allows us to transition the details from different providers and sync it to a client’s own system so they can see the entire picture.

We believe training is an integral part of good project outcomes, and we have a great deal of experience in knowledge transfer and training. This is certainly a contributing factor to our history of successful MuleSoft implementations.

Company overview

eimagine is a full-service Indiana-based information technology consulting partner that can improve the way your company does business. Our passion is helping our clients refine, enhance, and automate their business. We strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, and we have a proven history of success with large scale customers in both government and commercial industries. We take pride in excellent communication – with our customers, our internal team, and the end user – as the key success factor in every project.


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