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DISID Corporation S.L.

DISID Integration Services allow for new ways to connect their business processes with their assets, partners, and customers, thus improving their operational efficiency.

DISID provides specialized integration services, including:

Consultancy and architecture. DISID analyses and interprets the customer’s business model and strategic objectives. It then proceeds to the allocation of the value flow by jointly establishing the roadmap and developing a solution to ensure that the different subsystems work together as a larger unified system.

API-led and management strategy. DISID designs and offers an API directive to achieve secure controlled connections with its business process. APIs and API business strategies are essential for an organization's ability to quickly create new business models, redefine business processes, and enrich customer experience.

Development of API-led and services. DISID creates and implements services and micro-services that act as a glue between business processes and third-party stakeholders. It contains APIs, designs, and development services for testing, production, and post-production, using an agile methodology.

Company overview

DISID is a software engineering company specializing in software development, data engineering, and systems integrations.

It is a technology partner offering quality solutions in strategic and technical consulting, which have successfully addressed digital transformation projects with large companies and organizations.

DISID team vocation of permanent innovation and the improvement of their technological capacity are key pillars in the business strategy of DISID. DISID's innovative work has been recognized with the SME Innovator seal, which reinforces the strong commitment to innovation and the development of the new technologies applied to DISID solutions.


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