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Digitall is a certified MuleSoft partner with a dedicated professional integration team based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Digitall provides integration consulting and implementation services. We help our clients accelerate their digital transformation strategy and 360-degree view using API-led connectivity.

We have been involved in complex integration projects for over 19 years. The goal of our digital transformation initiatives is to make integration more efficient through:

  • A clearly-defined, customer-centric strategy
  • Stringent, IT-backed business processes
  • Transparent, KPI-based monitoring and controls
  • Strength-oriented employee development and management

Company overview

Digitall is a leader in the field of CRM and Integration. Digitall assists its customers with the digital transformation of their business-critical processes.

Our consulting, integration, and support services ensure that the customer journey always encompasses the entire lifecycle of the integration project, ranging from strategy and expert consulting services to technical execution, support, and advancement. These activities are accompanied by the commitment of modern customer analytics and business intelligence methods.


Financial services
Media and telecom


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