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Confluex is the leading professional services technology company specializing in Enterprise Integration solutions, including cloud technologies and API enablement using Mule ESB and CloudHub.
In the crowded arena of systems integration, what makes us unique?

Our people:

We have assembled a high quality, professional team of integration experts.  Our software “ninjas” share a passion for technology and providing exceptional software solutions to our clients.  The Confluex ninjas are experienced in the wonderful complexities of integration across a wide range of technologies and industries.

We’re geeks who like to work with other geeks.  We don’t hire lone wolves or wallflowers.  Our ninjas are team oriented.  They like working together to solve problems.  While we don’t know everything, together as a team we know more than all the other guys out there.

And, everyone at Confluex is someone we’ve carefully selected to ensure we uphold our company values of quality, integrity and professionalism.  We’re not a staff augmentation firm; we invest lots of time and money in ongoing training for our ninjas.  We want our swords as sharp as possible so we are at the top of our game to solve your tough problems.

Our focus:


We are all Mule, all the time.  Unlike other consultants who try to be all things to all people, we built our company with a single focus – to have a strong partnership with MuleSoft and a deep understanding of their products and services suite.  This means that we have up-to-date product knowledge, vast resources for training, visibility to the product roadmap and efficient turnaround for support needs.  We at Confluex are committed to making your Mule ESB and CloudHub projects get off the ground as quickly as possible to achieve your project goals.

As MuleSoft’s leading subcontractor, we are called in to handle integration projects on their behalf, due to our winning track record as an integration expert.

Our methods:

It’s important to get your project done on time and on budget, without ever sacrificing quality.  To do this, we follow Agile Scrum development best practices and develop your solutions iteratively and incrementally.

The Standish Group 2011 CHAOS report states that Agile projects are successful (time, budget, features) three times more often than non-agile projects.  Successful companies, both in software development and commercial industries, such as Google, Facebook, CNN, Farmers Insurance, Bank of America and General Electric use Agile Scrum for their software development projects.  This ensures efficient, flexible and high quality software development.

Our customers:

Do it right the first time is our motto.  With have a number of high-end clients and they expect the best from us (because we tell them they should).  With a reputation for consistently delighting our customers, we invite you to ask for references.  You’ll hear that Confluex is a company with professional, talented employees, who follow good engineering practices (no cowboy coders here) and are creative in solving your business challenges.

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