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Conexxia is passionate about solving business problems. An organization's needs for continuous change is outpacing the ability of IT departments to keep up. Organizations are asking for increased productivity through automation and smarter ways of working. Through MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™, Conexxia helps customers deliver API-led strategies to reduce time to market, increase agility and reduce maintenance costs whilst driving true digital innovation.

Today, we are helping prominent companies speed up application delivery by increasing productivity and enabling CI CD (continuous integration & continuous delivery) and DevOps practices.

Company overview

Conexxia is an IT Consulting firm with a presence in Australia and Singapore specializing in Test Automation, CI/CD, DevOps and API-Integration enabling automatic build, versioning, test, and deployments. We are all about getting the best result for our customers. Our team consists of highly skilled and passionate people who can apply vision and creativity in problem solving to drive digital innovation.

True digital leaders are set apart by their ability to innovate and not by their ability to adapt. We help our customers become innovators through Rapid Application Development, allowing them to try, fail (fast), improve, deliver, celebrate and ultimately to scale.

At the heart of what we do lies the fundamental belief that we can bring business value through smart automation. From project delivery, pipeline automation, automated testing, versioning, and deployments, to delivering mobile applications powered by low-code. 


Financial services
Media and telecom