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Chinasoft International

Chinasoft specializes in technical and professional services. They provide strategic consulting, software platform services, data analysis services, product engineering, application development & management, business process outsourcing to world worldwide customers. They are the technological enabler for its customers’ digital transformation, providing microservice solutions, and using an agile approach and DevOps tools to make it more effective and smooth. Chinasoft can provide a one-stop IT service for its customers.

Chinasoft uses MuleSoft to build and expose APIs to do system integration, data migration, upgrading of old systems, and building reusable open APIs to its customers. They also use MuleSoft to create public interfaces for mobile applications, provide an API management platform to manage message routing, data mapping, scheduling, and reliable and safe transmission of messages between nodes. They can provide an interface for viewing performance, monitoring key statistical data, and setting SLA alarms, which provides convenience for diagnosing and solving performance problems.

Company overview

Incorporated in 2000, Chinasoft International Limited (hereinafter referred to as Chinasoft International) is a listed company in the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE: 354). Chinasoft provides technical and professional services for key clients and major industries. Their goal is to become a full-chain information technology service provider based in China that serves global clients and takes the lead in their industry.

They have in-depth strategic cooperation with industry giants such as Huawei, Microsoft,Tencent, Aliyun, and China Mobile. While engaged with key industries such as finance, telecommunications, internet, transportation, and energy, they continuously expand to global markets and provide clients with full-chain, high-quality, and high-efficiency technical services with comprehensive advantages and industry characteristics.


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