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CDC Software

The MuleSoft application network now includes your telephony system. MuleSoft has long let enterprise users harness API-led connectivity to swiftly and effectively build custom application networks. Unfortunately, the list of enterprise and SaaS apps connected to the Anypoint Platform never included leading telephony systems – until now.

Thanks to CDC Software, systems like Cisco, Mitel, Broadsoft, Avaya and all the leading telephony systems are part of the MuleSoft ecosystem – unlocking the world of computer telephony integration (CTI) and the customer experience benefits that come with it. CTI once required sophisticated custom integrations developed by highly skilled consultants at significant cost and lengthy implementation times. Companies were frequently tempted to forego desired telephony integrations with their CRM or ticketing systems since such a project would be cost prohibitive.

Since the phone is still the most widely used channel for customer service inquiries, contact centers are on the front line. MuleSoft and CDC Software have changed the way businesses handle traditionally complex system integrations. Providing a more positive customer experience is a common objective of this innovative partnership.

Company overview

CDC Software provides a SaaS integration solution that creates real-time events-based links between leading telephony systems, CRM systems, and other contact center data sources resulting in a lower total cost of ownership and quicker time to market.


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