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Blusoft Sp. z o.o.

To obtain a competitive edge, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. BlueSoft helps companies do more with its custom-written software, systems, and applications. BlueSoft has almost 20 years of experience in this specific craft in various industries and a team of over 800 highly qualified engineers that masters over 200 technologies and MuleSoft is one of the most important.

Systems and applications integrations have been BlueSoft’s core competences from the very beginning in 2002. When combining that with hundreds of successfully delivered IT initiatives in other areas like reporting, data management, bespoke web and mobile application development or cloud enablement, BlueSoft is a comprehensive vendor that can bring business value to organizations. All that using MuleSoft software.

BlueSoft works in multiple business verticals like life sciences, insurance, finance, banking, communications, logistics, retail, and public sector.

With BlueSoft, clients can make their systems and applications act as a coordinated whole. They know exactly how to connect them to facilitate optimal functioning and data cohesion.

Company overview

BlueSoft delivers IT bespoke solutions for companies around the globe – impacting millions of people since 2002. From their HQ in Poland and office locations in the United States and across Europe, they cater to enterprises across multiple industries. BlueSoft masters over 200 technologies and with system integration as their core competence from a historical perspective, they excel at approaching business challenges from a holistic point of view.


Financial services
Media and telecom


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