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Big Compass

Big Compass is an integration consulting firm with a difference — they exist to build connections that help the world get information where it needs to be, to do what it needs to do, and to maximize value. Big Compass delivers intelligent, elegant, and reliable MuleSoft solutions they can be proud of.

Big Compass solves complex integration problems by understanding their customers’ goals, listening, challenging, and imagining the future. They then get to work implementing the customers’ plan, in the most straightforward way, without a lot of fuss.

Services align with the needs of customers:

  • Strategy – a clear roadmap to the digital value
  • Assessment – realistic solution definitions
  • Design - a defined architectural framework
  • Development – obtain digital value sooner
  • Coaching and Staffing – guides to show you the way

Since they concentrate on connections, Big Compass attracts super connectors with big hearts who love going above and beyond to develop robust and impactful solutions. Together, their super connectors and customers achieve remarkable results. Big Compass’s personal approach and infectious enthusiasm result in better outcomes and lasting relationships.

Company overview

Big Compass focuses on one outcome: Connections, process-to-process, system-to-system, company-to-company, and, most importantly, person-to-person. We understand that nothing is successfully integrated without connections.

Big Compass has MuleSoft and cloud experience to solve enterprise integration, application integration, and hybrid cloud needs.


Financial services
Media and telecom


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