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AxxiS Consulting

AxxiS Consulting is a CMMI Level 3 company, and has the following consulting practices:

  • Business analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Salesforce
  • Software development
  • QA testing
  • Project management.

Our leading methodologies and tools help us analyze businesses, align technology with strategy, understand the customer lifecycle 360 with the processes supporting it, directing investments where are more needed, and have better ROI. Our strategic alliances are Salesforce, MuleSoft, Software AG, and Tibco.

AxxiS Consulting has supported large and complex projects as well as worked with medium, large, and global companies with compliance, regulation, multilingual, and multi-region team complexities. We have also worked on integration with complex technical architectures with great success.

Company overview

AxxiS Consulting specializes in 1) business and IT transformation tools, 2) process automation and application integration, 3) Salesforce customer experience agile implementations, and 4) Salesforce and MuleSoft nearshore services.


Financial services


Salesforce partner