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Apromore helps enterprises to unlock value in existing business processes through intuitive, accessible process mining software. Organizations use Apromore to create business advantage by empowering employees to make data-driven decisions about where to make changes and the impact of those decisions, in order to improve productivity, enhance customer experience, and monitor governance, risk and compliance.​

Business processes often span across a variety of systems and applications. By tapping into MuleSoft’s AnyPoint platform integration capabilities, Apromore makes it easy for business stakeholders to discover and visualize their business workflows using data from Salesforce and other systems, in order to drive decisions that reduce risk, improve performance and enhance customer excellence.​

The MuleSoft Connector for Apromore allows business process data to transparently flow from Salesforce into Apromore, so that business stakeholders can use it to uncover friction points and improvement opportunities. Thanks to this connector, business teams can map customer journeys from lead-to-quote and identify customer pain points, reasons for delays and other improvement opportunities.​

Company overview

Apromore is a leading provider of process mining and AI-based process improvement solutions. Its flagship process mining product provides an intuitive and powerful platform to turn data extracted from enterprise systems into insights for enhancing efficiency, compliance, and customer excellence.​



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