The rise of the composable enterprise

Opportunity on demand

It’s obvious that the way companies do business has changed forever.  Calcified, creaky business systems and processes that have been embedded in organizations for decades are being swept away by online and app-based companies – powered by cloud, open APIs, data analytics, mobile, social, and connected to the Internet of Things.

Modern businesses will therefore evolve away from being hierarchical and hardwired into one that is flexible and open to change. This emerging model is called the “composable enterprise,” and it’s built to be agile, scale globally, and provide new avenues for cost efficiency and revenue generation.

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  • How transforming into a composable enterprise could help your business compete and win in the digital economy
  • How IT leaders are an integral part of the business strategies of the future
  • Success stories from CIOs who have shepherded their businesses through digital disruption

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