Guide: The key to omnichannel strategy

Learn how to become channel-agnostic

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Today, omnichannel is more than connecting one system to another; it involves building a digital platform of applications, systems, data, and devices that enable companies to provide one consistent customer experience. This means having a flexible architecture that can support different deployment models.

Well-designed APIs, created along a holistic integration strategy, create the seamless omnichannel experience that customers want and businesses need. Across industries from healthcare to banking, MuleSoft is powering omnichannel strategies using Anypoint Platform––resulting in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

Download this kit to learn how to build an engaging omnichannel experience leveraging APIs:

  • Whitepaper: Building an omnichannel platform with Accenture and MuleSoft.
  • Webinar: Improving API-led omnichannel retail experiences.
  • Whitepaper: The secrets to enabling omnichannel retailing.
  • Video: From transactions to relationships – benefits of an omnichannel strategy at PetSmart.
  • Case study: GANT.