API-led connectivity

Building a future-proof IT infrastructure for long-term resilience at scale

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With this unprecedented societal shift, companies are increasingly realizing the value of their enterprise architecture. Businesses are turning to integration not only to rapidly access business-critical data, but also to build a scalable infrastructure that is resilient in times of change. It is now more important than ever to future-proof your IT infrastructure, and leveraging APIs is the most scalable and secure way to do so.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How to adopt an API-led connectivity approach that packages underlying connectivity and orchestration services as easily discoverable and reusable building blocks, exposed by APIs.
  • How to structure these building blocks across distinct systems, process and experience layers, to achieve both greater organizational agility and greater control.
  • How to drive technology change holistically across people, processes and systems in an incremental fashion.