Top 7 Trends Shaping Digital Transformation in 2023

Discover the digital transformation trends to watch in the coming year

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Change is happening faster than ever. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation strategies around the world and now customers expect innovation to continue at this pace. In 2023, organizations will work to continue this speed, but will shift their focus to maintaining efficient, scalable, sustainable, and secure operations as they innovate.

Understanding the biggest digital trends happening now and in the future is key for organizations as they adjust their operating models and technology investments to drive growth. We’ve compiled the latest market data to identify the trends shaping the digital transformation strategies of leading businesses.

Here are some of the top trends:

  • Investment in automation will surge as companies aim to do more with less
  • Cybersecurity defenses will become more layered and integrated to protect from increasing threat complexity
  • Organizations will invest in total experience (TX) strategies to drive greater customer and employee loyalty and advocacy
  • Sustainability will drive ongoing IT investments