Composable Enterprise Toolkit

Grow your organization across six key factors with our IT maturity model

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A mature IT organization is composable and agile — able to adjust easily to changing demands. However, a composable enterprise is only effective if all stakeholders are able to use the building blocks effectively and without slowing down the business. When all teams — including CIOs, IT leaders, development teams and architects, and business technologists — are connected to a unified strategy, growth at scale is enabled.

MuleSoft’s Catalyst Maturity Assessment, in partnership with Vanson Bourne, was produced from interviews with 533 customers within the first two years of partnership with MuleSoft. To operate as a composable enterprise, the findings emphasized the importance of alignment across all teams in a mature organization and the tools needed to empower them accordingly.

In this report, we break down how MuleSoft can help drive maturity through six key factors and outline recommendations that save time, lower costs, and empower teams to work together along the path to composability.

Download the report to learn how to:

  • Grow your organization across six maturity factors
  • Implement a proper strategy from the start
  • Define team and individual roles to achieve goals
  • Take the next step to a composable enterprise