Is TIBCO's Legacy Integration Holding You Back?

With the explosion of endpoints in the cloud, legacy vendors with tools built for on-premises integration are floundering.

Is TIBCO providing legacy integration tools to solve today's API and connectivity challenges? With the rise of cloud applications and mobile devices, vendors who deliver traditional approaches to modern integration challenges are now floundering.

Anypoint Platform™ is helping businesses gain agility and innovate rapidly. Unlike other vendors, MuleSoft connects legacy systems to the cloud, exposes data through APIs, and ramps your IT organization to meet business needs fast. Say no to legacy integration offerings, and leverage the only platform that can support your business needs today, and tomorrow.

Download the kit and get access to a variety of resources:

Seamless Hybrid Integration

hybrid integration solution

Anypoint Platform is the only connectivity platform designed for hybrid environments, and is recognized for this leadership in multiple analyst reports.

  • Report: Hybrid Integration Platforms
  • Webinar: Splunk Connects Salesforce

High Speed IT

high speed IT bimodal

Many existing IT models fail to keep up with business demands, but with faster connectivity, IT can achieve the agility necessary to accelerate the pace of business innovation and change.

  • Whitepaper: Evolution of SOA
  • Webinar: A Strategy for Rapid IT
  • Demo: Digitally Transform Your Business

One Unified Platform

unified integration platform

Faster time to market, faster time to value, and faster ramp time for developers are achievable with a unified platform for SaaS, SOA and APIs.

  • Whitepaper: Secrets of a Great API
  • Datasheet: Anypoint Platform for APIs
  • Case Study: APIs Transform Business