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Create a customer 360 profile by unlocking customer data from disparate systems. Simplify connectivity between ERP, CRM, marketing, and commerce systems with pre-built APIs, connectors, and implementation templates. This solution streamlines manual processes and consolidates profile data, all while securing sensitive information.

In this demo you'll see how an organization can can connect profiles and build a customer ID graph to enable activities like unsubscribing to all, which is critical for GDPR compliance, and calculating the total lifetime value of a customer across multiple channels. 

Kevin C. Kane (00:08):
I am here to demonstrate how the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail can help create a single source of truth in supportive, personalized customer messaging. Many retail organizations have customer profile data scattered across a number of systems. Adding master data management capabilities can help, but it is only part of the solution. The MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail enables the creation and update of consistent, connected customer profiles across multiple systems.

Kevin C. Kane (00:36):
In this example, we begin by capturing a new customer profile created in B2C commerce and routing it through our customer profile processing engine, which first synchronizes the profile with an MDM solution, and then pushes the updated profile to downstream systems. By associating the unique identifiers created by each system with the master copy, we have now created a connected profile. Updates can be captured in a similar fashion from any connected system, including ones not mentioned here. Our API-led approach allows customers to easily mix, match, and extend assets to create their own unique solutions.

Kevin C. Kane (01:15):
Let's head over to Anypoint Exchange, MuleSoft's marketplace for API and integration assets, and take a closer look at the solution. In Exchange you can quickly search for the main MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail asset. Our landing page describes the Accelerator, including supported use cases and available assets. A few of the assets we are highlighting today include an experience API, which receives customer profile events from Salesforce B2C commerce, a customers process API, which implements our customer profile processing engine, and several system APIs, which synchronize the updates with downstream systems. For each API, we provide both an API specification and an implementation template project, which actually provides a complete implementation of that specification. Let's see how easy it is to download and view this asset in Anypoint Studio, MuleSoft's desktop IDE for building and testing APIs and integrations for the Anypoint Platform.

Kevin C. Kane (02:16):
Here, we have already opened the Exchange viewer and located the customers process API implementation template. Let's go ahead and open that in Studio. Once the application template has been imported, we can browse the complete customer profile synchronization process by drilling down into the individual flows. The source is completely editable, so you can make any changes you like. Now that you have seen some of the assets, let's see the solution in action.

Kevin C. Kane (02:45):
Here in Salesforce, we have an existing person account for Niki. As you can see the customer profile graph for this account is empty because it has not yet been linked to profiles in other systems. As part of a recent marketing campaign, Niki was invited to out the company's new online shopping site. She clicks through to the company storefront and is invited to create an account. She enters her information and submits the request. Behind the scenes, Niki's new customer profile is published and synchronized with the downstream systems we mentioned earlier. When her account information in Salesforce is refreshed, we now see that this account has been linked up to her B2C Commerce profile, as well as the ones in other systems.

Kevin C. Kane (03:25):
Now that you can retrieve and correlate all identifiers associated with an individual, you can offer personalized experiences for your customers like never before. To learn more, please visit the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail landing page on Anypoint Exchange and explore the available assets. Thank you for your time.


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